Mini Mimica

Mini Mimica was designed especiall for the youngest children, for Babies.

It has a very simple shape which fits perfectly to little hands. It has very soft belly and very long, long legs for pulling and chewing. Face is hand painted with special, non toxic, safe paint. You can easyily wash Mimica in washing mahine togehter with your babys clothes (better avoid hot water and do not tumble dry).

NOTE: you are bying ONE Mimica


Mini Mimica

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€7.00Sale Price
  • Mimica is 23 cm tall (12 cm body and 11 cm legs)  and about 8 cm width. It has very long legs (almost as long as it's body).

    Mimica is safe even for the youngest children and it passed all laboratoy tests. It is sewed from hight quality, certificied textile. It is filled with polyesther used for making pillows. You can wash your Mimica in washing machine on 30°C on "delicate" program. Mimica has no glued beeds or gumbs which can be dangerous for little babies. Mimica's face is HAND painted with safe, non toxic paint and it makes the toy even more unique and special!