apricot Mimica with Miszkomaszko patter ears and heart

Mimica Bunny is designed by parents and children. Bunny has a very simple shape which fits perfectly to little hands.
It has very soft belly with a heart for hugging and very long, long ears specialised in listening all small and big secrets.

Mimica is wrapped in special, printed in funny Mimice print paper. The paper is perfect to use as a coloring "book" or even as a poster!
You will get also a little booklet to read more about Mimice and a little surprise - gift :-)

Unpacking Mimica is a lot of fun!


Pattern on heart can differ due to different cuts of meterial.

The photo is just an example.

apricot Mimica with Miszkomaszko patter ears and heart

  • Mimica is 25 cm tall and about 10 cm width. It has very long ears, almost as long as it's body.

    Mimica is safe even for the youngest children and it passed all laboratoy tests. It is sewed from hight quality, certificied tekstile from Slovenija. It is filled with polyesther used for making pillows. You can wash your Mimica in washing machine on 30°C on "delicate" program. Mimica has no glued beeds or gumbs which can be dangerous for little babies. Mimica's face is HAND embroided and it makes your Bunny even more unique and special!