Mimice family project

family project

Mimice- fair play fair payment

fair play

Mimice from tested materials

safe and nature friendly

Creating good heros naturally we decided to act in the spirit of social Entrepreneurship. 

We wanted our Mimice to bring a positive message right from the very begining.

And we wish to act responsibly to people, to sociaty and to nature.


For this reason our toys are made by vulnerable groups of people. Our partners are organizations who employ disabled people in that way wi wish to support our community

We work locally - Mimice form the beginig till the end of process are made in Slovenija and we use Slovenian materials. That is how we support local economy. We love nature so we don't charge enviroment with unecessary transport.

We support dialogue. Mimice are made in the spirit of dialog on every level. When we develop Mimice’s characters we listen to desires and needs of both parents and childrenWe have dialogue with our customers but also we support quality dialogue and fair play between our workers, organizations and everybody who is involved in manufacturing Mimice.

We support no-ncosumption way of living. Every Mimica is handmade and unique and it can be your lifetime best friend.

We care about safety. That why we use materials witch have all nedeed certificates. We send our toys for physical and mechanical tests which proved that Mimice are safe even for newborn. 

Mimice made locally in Slovenia


Mimice socialy responsible

social responsibility

Mimice handmade unique

handmade and unique

Buying Mimice

you not only get

the kindest superhero ever,

but also you are making this world

a better place!