mimice handmade toys

Mimi - Maria Magdalena

Polish girl living in Slovenija.

Wife of her husband Joštt and mother of their sweet baby girl Kalina.

Friends called her Marysia or MiMi because Maria Magdalena is definetly too long. She has her curly head high in clouds. She is talkative, full of energy and full of ideas. She mastered in art conservation at UMK University. She is painting, illustrating. She is the one who is creating, drawing, painting, cutting and sewing. 

She needs coffee with milk in the morning to wake up. And she art and cuddles for normal functioning in the world. 

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Jojo - Joštt

Slovene boy married to Polish girl. Father of sweet girl Kalina. 

Friends called him Joštt because is perfect-lenght name. MiMi called him JoJo because it is short, sweet and funny. 

He is standing with both his feet on the ground. He is the one who gives support and harmony. He has a lot of hobbies but he find himself the best in working as a tutor and skatebording on his fishboard. Children love him!

He is very creative in kitchen and thanks to that his family is not starving. He makes the best coffee with milk. 

In 2014 we decided to establish our private Institute for Culture and Education which we obviously named Zavod MiMi & JoJo. 

Our Institute allowed us to create, to developed good ideas and projects and to cooperate with private and public institutions.


We stared to create Mimice when we realized we were about to become parents. As all parents we wish to give our child the best we can. Of course we want our daughter to be healthy and happy.

We wish that she develops well and becomes a smart and intelligent girl and woman. But above all we want her to grow into compassionate, good and loving person.

We start to explore a world of baby products and how surprised we were to find out that in the vastness of products and toys we couldn't find proper friend for our Daughter. We didn't find a toy which would fullfill our expectations about aesthetic (shape, colours), materials and the way of production.

We couldn't find a hero with poper story and values. Maybe our expectations were to high? 

This was our turning point. 

We took this as a challenge.

We decided to create toys - heroes wich would meet expectations of both parents and children.

For our daughter and for every other child, we decided that we were going to create good toys with

positive characters and great values for inspiring children and their parents with positive messages.

We joined forces by combining our knowledge, skills and experiences.


And that is how MiMice were created!

Creating good heros we decided to act in the spirit of social entrepreneurship. We wanted our Mimice to bring a positive message right from the START. For this reason our toys are made by vulnerable groups of people. Our partners are organizations who employ people that are disabled, elderly, migrants and recovered addicts.

We are very proud of our values:

Mimice family project

family project

Mimice socialy responsible

social responsibility

Mimice handmade unique

handmade and unique

Mimice from tested materials

safe and nature friendly

Mimice- fair play fair payment

fair play

Mimice made locally in Slovenia


Mimice are created from love and this positive energy is spreading through every toy we make.

As parents we know how it is hard to find really quality, nice and good, simply- the best toy for your Child. That is why we asked parents about toys, heroes and valuse they wish for their children. And we asked children what is therir dream toy, friend and hero. You can read more about it: click.

Together we create two charakters of Mimice kind:

A Bear with very soft belly and long, long arms perfect for hugging, cuddling and comforting and


A Rabbit, the owner of very long, long ears perfect for listetning all small and big secrets.

We know how important it is

to assist the child's imagination.

With Mimice we wish to create

space for imagination and


That is why Mimice have

so simple shapes. 

Mimice good heroes
Mimice good heroes


It is the oldest sacred animal. It represents the strength of the Sun and is symbol of wisdom and positive change and creating fine of chaos.

In mythology Bear is a guide between worlds. It aslo a symbol of life cycle and Ressurection. 

Among the Siberian tribes they believed that a bear understands human speech and bear's paw were placed into the newborn's crib to protect a child. Bear was also a healer and it birngs super abilities and powers to the one who is dressed in his furr.

In Taoism it stands for YANG. 

What being Rabbit and what being Bear means? Shortly about symbols:

And this bird?

The bird has deep meaning in al cultures.

It symbolises freedom, art and dreams.

Bird is bringing good news and joy.

And it is also simbol of a soul. 


It occurs in all mythologies and beliefs. 

As a symbol is associated with the moon and love. Rabbit is a symbol of infinite rebirth of life,  of the endless changes. In most culutres it is related to the cycle of life and death and Resurrection. In Taoism it is the Rabbit who prepares the drink of immortality and it stands for  symbol of YIN.

It is also a symbol of innocence, selflessness and intuition.

The best color of Mimica for you is.....?

Violet is a color of connected with inner world and spiritual sphere. It indicates mystery, uncommonness, singularity and magic. It is also a color conected with luxury, elegance, splendor and magnificence

Orange/Peach is the most enegetic and optimistic color. It appears in nature as as an example of great beauty -sunsets, ripe fruits,exotic flowers. It is a color of youth and creativity, It symbolises joy, enthusiasm and acitivity. It is also symbol of friendship and persistence

Pink is usually connected with girls from the one side it is  naturall as this color is symbol of delicacy, subtlety and fragility. It is also color of innocence and caressing. But from the other side it is pink is a sybol of the need for action. And be carefull pink become "girlish" after II WW!

Blue is a color of calmness, stability, loyality and security. Blue stimulates the body to produce the hormone called noradrenaline which calms. It ia also a color of artists and aktivists - it stimulates creativity. Did you know that blue is the favorite color of most people.

Green is the colour of nature, life and harmony. It is a color of healing, hope and freedom. Green simbolises freshness, success and satisfaction. It has also a calming and relaxing effect.

White/beige it is the most universal colour. It  is a color of freedom and liberty. It symbolises peace, purity and innocence. It ia a color of truthfulness and versatility. It has relaxing effect. 

Yellow is the color of joy and optimism, sun and happines. Yellow releases serotonin responsible for the chemical sense of happiness, it brings out the creative thoughts and...speeds up metabolism! it is the color of enlightenment and wisdom.