I want to buy Mimica as a present for a newborn. I'm worring if it is safe for so young babies?


Don't worry Mimica is perfect choice! We sew our Mimice from the highest qualitiy materials. Both textile and filling we use for our toys have all needed certificates and are made for baby textile industry. What is more Mimice have hand embroidered faces. It means there is no dangeros elements like gumbs or beads which can be swallowed.


How can I clean my Mimica?


Mimice are created by young parents so we think a lot about things, also about easy cleaning of toys ;) Good news: you can simply wash Mimica in your washing mahine! Remember to use delicate detetergent on 30°C. Do not bleach nor thumble dry. 


"Mimica"? What a strange name! How did you find it?


Name Mimica comes from their creator Mimi. The true is that Mimi's real name is Maria Magdalena but it is quite too long so friends called her just Mimi.

Thre is also "ninica" word in informal slovene language which is used for object (a toy, a peace of cloth) which children use to comfort themselves in sleeping time.