Mimice satisfy the needs of both

parents and children.

 We are parents and of course wish to create the best toy for our child.

But we wish to creat a toy which we -parents like as well! We wish to create a hero, 

a toy which brings happines to both - children and parents.


We spent a lot of time talking with parent about toys and heroes they wishto offer

to their kids. We asked about values they want to pass on to their children. 


We spent a lot of time with children obsevring the way they play and listening their needs and their wishes about play, about toys and about heros.


Mimice satisfy the needs of both parents and children.


The shape, the size, colours and materials we used - all about Mimice is meeting expectations of both parents and children.  


We created toy in which wishes of both sides are meeting and it was big pleasure for us to made so many interviews with you, to spend time with children and to gave so much energy on reaseches. 



Creating Mimice we also consult with psychologist, pedagog and pediatrician, so we can be sure that we are making safe, good, responsible, simply the best product for our and for your child. 

" I wish safe toys for my Boy. He takes everything to his mouth now"


"I wish soft toy which I can easily wash in washing machine"


"I wish that soft toy has no fur which is destroyed and become ugly after washing. And you know, I don't want furry mascot for my Newborn"


"I like Scandinavian simplicity and I wish a nice, aesthetic toy with good design!"


"My child is special and I wish a special and unique toys for her"


"We defend some values. We care about the environment and local community we wish to have toys made with such values"


"I so wish my toy to be so soft, soft, soft!"


"I wish bunny with a heart!"


"Want him to be my friend!"


"I want him to listen my secrets and to hug me when I cry. I want to hug my bear friend"


"I want to hug my bear" 


"I wish my toy to be... mine..."


"I wish that my toy is cute and colorful. Boys also needs cute toys, don't you think?"


"I wish I can sleep with my toy"